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I'm Asheritah. My name means "God is my happiness," and it's become my life mission to help women find joy in Jesus even in the midst of our busy lives.

As a writer and speaker, my happiest days are spent lingering over conversations that go deep and long in my favorite local coffeeshop.

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No Guilt in Quiet Time

Do you feel overwhelmed -- not just by your schedule and to-do lists, but also by your spiritual checklists too? Jesus understands, and He invites us to set aside the guilt in order to find our joy in His presence. Even in busy seasons, we can find rest for our souls in Him.

Created for Creative Worship

We constantly compare ourselves to others, even how “spiritual” our time with Jesus is. But there’s no quiet time formula in the Bible. In fact, God created each of us differently, and He delights in connecting with us creative ways. No more waiting for the perfect time and place. Make time with Jesus your one thing alone.

From Duty to Delight

We know that reading the Bible is important, but sometimes it can feel burdensome. If you’re in the place now, let me encourage you to stop hustling and rest in the finished work of Jesus on the cross. Then ask Him to stir in your heart a desire for and delight in Him—and He will. That’s a promise.

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